Posted by: | November 11, 2005

Analysts just don’t think Micrsoft can make the turn

Came across this article talking about how Microsoft is still stuck in the C drive traditional software space:
Microsoft is stuck on the C: drive

What’s interesting here is that these tech analysts think that all of a sudden, POOF, software on the desktop is going to be gone, or relegated to 2nd class citizens and only SAAS companies are going to thrive. In what world? Ok, yes, SAAS companies are going to take off, and their IS a revolution going on in this space. But purchased software is not going away…and not ALL products can be monetized by advertisements. In fact, only a very, very small percentage of all new software will be able to stay afloat based on advertising alone. To get advertising dollars, you need a LOT of eyeballs. And lets face it, the majority of software that companies use will not have that kind of base. BIG products like Office, ok, yes…but still, software that is installed on your PC will continue to Flourish.

What I think is interesting is that tech analysts are missing the quite, but very powerfull revolution that will be happending with MS’s next set of technologies like Vista, the new .NET framework, etc. These technologies all of a sudden blur the lines between what’s running on your desktop and what’s running on the web. When an end-user is able to run a piece of software that is updated as seamlessly as a web page….look out! And this is what’s coming in Vista…and it will be big!

Analysts don’t want to talk Vista…it’s a blah, blah, another OS, boring MS thing that isn’t google, and isn’t the hype. But just wait to see what companies start building on it….and before you know it…SOFTWARE + SERVICES will be next age of killer apps….not AJAX apps. It will be great to watch!


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