Posted by: | November 11, 2005

RE: Grokster Calls It Quits on Sharing Music Files

And interesting Supreme court decision…but I’ve already seen the future of where this is going and it’s Private P2P networks. Take me for an example…i’ve downloaded the tool called QNext . It allows you to create your own private networks with friends and share anything and everything. It’s all encrypted and therefore the music industry can’t really know what is or isn’t being traded and copied. I personally see this type of service as equivelent to your friend making a tape of his favorite album. Yes, technically it’s illegal, but so is is recording a TV show and playing it back later. In this model, someone in your private network purchases the music, and then you can share amongst your friends. I personally am buying my music from ITunes and love the service…but I don’t have a problem with sharing that music file with a friend. I also don’t feel guilty if I tape a song of the the radio and add it to my collection…but that’s just me.

It will be interesting to see these private P2P networks start to take shape…I can even see a need for an umbrella service that coordinates different people into different networks to maximize their musical reach and really start to create a sense of community in these new walled off areas.

The developer of file-swapping software said that it would halt distribution as part of a landmark settlement with the recording industry and Hollywood studios.

[Via NYT > Technology]


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