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RE: Mary Jo warns Microsoft not to drink Web 2.0 koolaid

Scoble talks about this posting frmo Mary Jo, and I have to agree…the future is the combintation of software and services. I don’t see Microsoft jumping 100% into services alone…I don’t think Mary Jo has to worry about that. I think Ray Ozzie’s memo does a very good job of outlining HOW Microsoft can and should take advantage of this services wave. His point that new start-ups are looking at the web as a platform is spot-on. We ARE looking at the web as a platform, and Google and Yahoo ARE ahead of Microsoft in terms of cool services.

But as Scoble mentions, the opportunities here are large. If MS can turn, turn, turn, and I think they can, they will be creating the next developer platform for the Web…a set of pre-existing and hosted services that will allow some amazing solutions to be built. I think we are at the beginning of a tremendous wave of innovation and creativity…and I’m very much looking forward to the next year, and what MS, Google, Yahoo and even new start-ups start cooking up and offering.

2006 is gonna rock

Mary Jo Foley warns Microsoft not to drink too much of the Web 2.0 koolaid in her post here.

Good advice. The real opportunity is in matching up an all Web strategy with an all-Windows strategy.

For instance, I am listening to Pandora here on my speakers while I work. Great service (and it’s now free, thanks TechCrunch for telling us that!) but I’d pay for a Windows application rather than having a Web based one. Why? I’d rather it be hidden on my task bar instead of being forced to take a browser window open. I’d pay for that capability. Also, I’d buy a subscription if it could put songs onto my computer for playing on my portable music device. Time shifting is really a big deal with this kind of service (I’m going to be stuck in a plane for two hours tomorrow and would like to have some new music to listen to there, why can’t Pandora supply it? I’d even pay $3 for two hours of music).

So, Mary Jo is right. We should learn from the Web 2.0 guys (which is why I’m going to the Riya launch party next Friday night) but we should match it with the best of Windows too.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue pushing hard in the direction of what most people are calling Web 2.0 (I call it anything that gets on TechCrunch). Why? Because I see significant business opportunities. I just think the real opportunities will come from what I call “the high def Web.”

What might this high def Web look like? Well, check out how you can make Yahoo maps fit into your Web page’s design better. That’s close. Now, how about making your Internet Connected Components fit into both the Web and into Windows? There’s huge opportunities there.

How about taking something like Microsoft Max (very cool, by the way) and making it work with the Web? See the opportunity yet? OK, keep watching. More ideas coming.

[Via Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger]


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