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RE: John Battelle/John Battelle’s …: FROM SERVICE TO APPLICATION – Late last week – and it was certainly …

Yep, the transition from “Service to Application” is a BIG one. We are just at the infancy of this space…and all the big boys are trying to make their claim. I think as the blog points out, Google is NEW to this area…like many other players. Again…software and service is the future IMHO. Services are great…but when you combine the power of an app with that service….you have the next gen products. Googles toobar is the first crack at this. But when you look at which companies are going to be providing the TOOLS to build these types of apps, you need to look at Microsoft, SUN, and even Macromedia.

FROM SERVICE TO APPLICATION  —  Late last week – and it was certainly an odd week for all sorts of reasons – I had the honor of appearing before the SDForum’s Search SIG in Mountain View, on the Microsoft Valley campus.  First I was interviewed by Dan Farber about the book (here’s Dan’s write up) …

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