Posted by: | November 14, 2005

What Lurks in Google’s Soul?

An interesting read over on the Washington Post Site about Google:
What Lurks in Its Soul?

I LOVE Google…I only use Google for my searching, don’t even think about Yahoo or MSN…doesn’t cross my mind. But the Hyper/Power that Google is getting these days is a little over the top, and stories like this one really creep me out. I think we all WANT to believe that Google is run by some really “Nice” and “Good” guys who would “Never do Evil” to us…although exactly what that means on a case by case basis is unclear. Obviously with the number of law suites they are now in, SOMEBODY thinks they have done some evil.

But still, it’s not enough for me to switch…even knowing they are collecting this data and potetnailly using it. I mean, don’t all Search engines collect this data? I don’t know…I think for the first time I’ve become a little uneasy about what Google is up to .Maybe this WP Article did it to me, or maybe it’s the constant, daily blogs/ news articles about how Google is disrupting the world…but I’m really starting to think a little more about what power we are really placing in Googles hands.

And it’s not just Google. I think, in the broader picture…it’s online compnaies like Google, Yahoo, or even Microsoft. How much can we trust them? Where is this all going?
I’ll continue to use Google because they have such a great search engine…but I’ll really be keeping an eye on where they take the company next..and which direction they start using all that personal “Attention” data they are collecting.


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