Posted by: Michael Hennessy | November 18, 2005

Blogging and building brand awareness.

Came across this simple posting…which I think makes a lot of sense:
I think having a “real” blog IS important…and attempting to build your corporate marketing “message” into a blog just won’t work. People don’t read blogs to be sold something…they read blogs for learning, for gathering information, and to participate in the conversion.

As I start looking to move SmashFly forward…I want this blog to be a place where I can post usefull information about solving real problems related to job posting/distribution integration with SOAP services…..and how SmashFly goes about doing that. Will it be the “right” choice for everyone? Of course not! But I may shed some light on an area that other’s haven’t, I may provide an approach or an article that helps inform you….and if it does…you might come back to find out more. That’s what I’m hoping at least. 🙂

Again, if you don’t know what we provide here at SmashFly…(which is still in “stealth” mode)…we’re a technology company that offers a very simple SOAP based web-service for integrated job distribution. We also offer front-end tools that you can use to build and manage your jobs, and which also integrate with the posting service…but you can just use the SOAP service alone. Uses of this technology? If you have an inhouse system that you use for recruiting, and want to extend it to be able to publish, update and remove those postings automatically to the major job boards (and small niche boards as well or even social networking sites like Linked In and Jobster)…we’re the solution for you! We’re built on an MS platform and have expertise in Biztalk, ASP.NET, and Web-Service technologies….and we’ve built the core infrastructure solution that will scale out and meet even the most demanding performance requirements.

If your a developer, you’ll know there’s lots of little gotcha’s when trying to create these integrations with job boards..and we’ve solved a lot of them already so you don’t need to. I think the service provides tremendous value…but we’re always looking for feedback on making it better and how we can add features to it to make it a truly exceptional Service in this new world of SOA’s. Our goal is to be THE posting distribution engine that powers your solution…and our simple solution lets you get started almost immediatley.!

We’re nearing our first major milestone…a version 1.0 will be available in the December timeframe….and I encourage you to check out our solution..and give us feedback. If you have a specific integration you need…let us know that too…we’ve got the entire infrastructure done…and adding in new endpoints is something we can do typically in days.

Ok, that was a side tangent! I’ll do that every once and a while!


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