Posted by: Michael Hennessy | November 20, 2005

Posting distribution company vs Posting web-service company

As we get closer to “launching” version 1.0 of SimplePost….I thought I’d take a moment to briefly describe the differences in both products & approaches of SmashFly versus the other Job Posting Distribution companies out there.

At our heart, we’re a technology company through and through. And a companies approach to solving a problem dramatically alters what product they build, develop and bring to market. At SmashFly, we think of ourselves as providing a core “service” that plays very well in your corporate SOA environment. In the new world of applications built on SOA, these applications will have the ability to utilize the “best of breed” approach for picking and choosing which services/components that integrate into the system as a whole. We want to be the “Posting Service” that powers your SOA application. And here is the real difference. We are experts in building web-services that “just work” with any and all other platforms…it’s our business. And in fact, it’s what we solely do.

Now, comparing that to the Recruit USA’s and EQuests of the world…we are fundamentally different. These companies offer a different service that is geared towards partnerships with your HR group. They are big on consulting and premier services to help you best build out a strategy for your posting needs…..and in fact, do solve a specific business need in doing so. But I want you to understand, they are NOT experts in building “Services” that plug into your SOA application. They will offer some very weak integration options, most of which are how to get your data into their web application so your recruiters can then use their web app to walk through a series of steps to actually post the job.

Our audience and product is geared towards HR Technology Experts, Software Architects, and Developers who are tasked with architecting and developing an HR solution that at some point requires posting distribution functionality. We solve that problem for you very, very well. You integrate our service and invoke our methods and your done. No 3rd party long “partnership” talks. Plug our service into your solution, and you’ve just extended your app seamlessly with posting distribution functionality….a true SOA-enabled service. And we’re continuing to invest in the problem space to both expand our reach of posting distribution end-points, but also incorporate all the latest WS* technologies to ensure a super secure, reliable, and simple service that “just works”. And the posting is not the only piece enabled via web-services. The administration, reporting, jobstatus and other aspects all can be driven through our single SOAP web-service….try getting that from one of the traditional posting distribution companies! 🙂

So, If your a HR technology expert, software architect or software developer looking for an easy solution to extend your existing application with posting distribution technologies, please check us out at SmashFly …we’d love to hear from you!


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