Posted by: Michael Hennessy | November 21, 2005

RE: A blogger who writes first, second and third drafts

A blog asking the question if you should create drafts of your blog before posting. Hmm…in my opinion, absolutely not! Blogging, to me, is all about getting your thoughts down quickly and out to the blogosphere…people expect your blogs to be this way…or at least I do. What I love about the blogs and blogging is that content matters, not format so much. It removes the formality of getting your ideas out there and can be very liberating. I think once you start thinking of your blogs as your own news articles that need to be proof read, retyped, rehashed, etc…those blogs lose the authenticty that readers enjoy.

I know on this blog, I’ve checked blogs after publishing them and found many that could use re-wording etc…but I think the postings “as is” serve the purpose I’m looking for. I guess it’s all really about what your trying to accomplish with your Blog. If your looking to be a serious writer…then draft away! But if your interested in sharing thoughts, ideas, and commentary with others…get them out there fast, and don’t sweat the details…after all, it’s supposed to be fun!

I got an e-mail from a most meticulous blogger. In response to my post asking if I should blog my first draft, Hedge Fund blogger responded:…”absolutely not unless the blogger has that rarest ability to extemporaneously download and convert their thoughts into a few perfect paragraphs.”

Perfect paragraphs in blogs? This was a startling concept for me, but this blogger wasn’t kidding.

This biggest issue bloggers face is producing quality posts; everything else – readership, traffic, links, ad-clicks, whatever their purpose – follows….Any serious blogger needs to draft several times. In my case maybe the fifth draft at the minimum gets online and many don’t ever make the self-imposed cut.

This goes diametrically against my thinking. I look at blogs as a way to try out ideas, and get them out there fast. I don’t dwell much on the writing. (Speaking of writing, that rewrite I told you about a couple days ago is eating away my days and messing with my sleep.) Is Hedge Fund right? Should we hone and polish our posts through numerous drafts?

[Via BusinessWeek Online – Blogspotting]


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