Posted by: Michael Hennessy | December 3, 2005

Dealing with Beta OverLoad…

I think the coverage of Beta services is great and allows the common user/reader to learn about new/upcoming services they wouldn’t otherwise know about for months or years in advance. For entreprenuers, seeing what’s coming can help adjust and be flexible in what they may be doing. For start-ups, such as “Riya”, they got tons of buzz and were able to see the idea before it was ever released! I think it’s a win/win. Riya makes out by a huge purchase, and Google makes out because they are able to acquire an exciting new technology at very minimal cost (as opposed to if they waited for a VC to sell it).

Google’s the one who pioneered this release “Beta” software early..look at Google news, etc. I love the service and would have really missed out if they hadn’t released it to the market until it was “done”. Diddo on GMail, and many other “beta” services.

I say the more info on these services, the better!

I love new Web services as much as the next guy, but doesn’t it seem like all these alpha and beta sites have gotten a little out of hand? I’ve read dozens of stories and reviews (and blog posts) about…


[Via BusinessWeek Online — Tech Beat]


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