Posted by: Michael Hennessy | February 8, 2006

Launching The SmashFly Technology Group

I’ve been away from posting for awhile again…I was deep into technical details with VS.NET 2005, VSTO 2005 and Biztalk 2006. But I’d like to take the opportunity, yet again, to pick up my blogging and refocus it on the new initiatives I’m launching over the next few months.

As the title gives away, I’m starting a new technology group focused on innovatin, web-services and SOA in the HR Technology marketplace. Having been in HR Technology now for 10+ years, it’s where my domain expertise is…and it’s as good as any to take advantage of the amazing technologies that are starting to come out.

This blog will be my own personal thoughts on what we are doing in the technology group, areas that we are focusing on, discussions we have had with our members and active participants, and places maybe that we should be thinking about. I might be having somewhat of a split personality here…at one moment talking about innovation in the technology we are delivering, the next talking about members areas of interest and what’s happening with their own HR processes.

What’s the purpose of me blogging? Well, just like everyone else, I’d like to participate in the conversation that’s going on! And I think, even with our small tiny group of software architects, developers, HR professionals, and business people, we will be able to help share knowledge that may just add value to what’s being discussed.

We are now in the early stages of putting together the final list of contributors that will be actively participating in the SmashFly Group. We have some GREAT names in terms of HR Industry expertise…I’m excited about the conversations we’ll be having…and look forward to being able to put those names up on our official website.

So, consider this posting an unofficial launch of the technology group…we have lots of work to do, and lots of people to talk to. I’ll be posting a follow up blog entry that explains specifically what the technology group focus is, and how it’s different than other professional associations. I think we’re gonna offer tremendous value to our members…regardless of their company size and HR needs. I should mention that their is an annual membership fee for the group, but that it adjusts according to your company size and we feel is very reasonable considering what we will be offering! More to come.

Finally, if your an individual technology specialist and would like to get involved in what we’re doing, please let me know!


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