Posted by: Michael Hennessy | February 13, 2006

Harvard Business is even taking notice of Blogging.

One of the core attributes of the SmashFly Technology Group will be that we will use the latest tools to help build community, allowing our members to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and help create solutions that enhance their business, and streamline their HR systems. We’re unique in some ways, in that we are providing a “little” more structure to the conversation and areas that we will be collaborating on, but the tools remain the same.

I saw in this article that the Harvard Business School rights a review of Naked Conversations written by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. The recognition is important, in that it shows “mainstream” america is slowly, but surely coming around to the importance of the Blogosphere. To be sure, blogging and RSS were huge buzz words in 2005…yet few people knew much beyond the basics that they existed.

In 2006, the mainstream will not only recognize these tools, but will begin to embrace them. 2006 should be a great year for all involved in the blogging/RSS space, and I think the companies and organizations that do, will be far better off at the end of the year, then those who ignore it.

We’ll be using blogging, forums, and more here at The SmashFly Technology group…and will be slowly building our community with these tools as a foundation for communication.


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