Posted by: Michael Hennessy | February 14, 2006

Tom Coates of Yahoo “The future of Web Apps” Slides…

Here’s an excellent presentation from Tom Coates who works at Yahoo and recently gave a presentation about the future of web apps. I didn’t get to hear the full presentation, although his blog says the full audio is coming soon, but the content of his slides are excellent. He does a great job in showing how the web is evolving from page centric to data centric and what means to web apps.

If you just flip through this slide deck, you get some great insights into not only what’s happening right now on the web, but more importantly, where things are likely headed. The 2 slides that are very relevant to the SmashFly Technology Group and what we are doing say the following about the future of web development.

Slide 1

  • Every new service can build on top of every other existing service – the web becomes a true platform
  • Every service and piece of data that’s added to the web makes every other service potentially more powerfull

And from the next slide entitled “Consequences”

  • Massive creative possibilities
  • Accelerating Innovation
  • Increasingly competitive services
  • Increasingly componentized services
  • Increasingly specialized services

Wow, couldn’t have said it better myself! This is the future…this is where things are headed. And so, Internet Services will become more componentized and more specialized and The SmashFly Technology Group was founded on leading the way in the specialized market of services for the HR technology space. What services will be developed? How will they be “mashed” together? What are the “core” HR services that will provide the platform for the future, which allows every other company to build upon them? We’ve already created a SOAP job posting service…available to any other application on the NET! These services, if done correctly, will add value to the entire web. As Tom notes, they will potentially make other services even more powerfull. If your a developer, software architect, or HR professional interested in joining this specialized services conversation, let me know and get involved. We will be launching a new developer community area specifically to help foster the creation of these new services to help companies start taking advantage of the service opportunites listed above. Massive creative possibilities await!

Oh, and the web-site is still coming will grow as the group grows!. The final site will be at


My ‘Future of Web Apps’ slides…  Right then.  My slides.  I’ve been trying to work out the best way to put these up in public and it’s been more confusing than I thought it would be.  Basically, the slides are so Keynote-dependent and full of transitions and weird fonts that it would translate …

Source: – a weblog by Tom Coates

Author:   Tom Coates


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