Posted by: Michael Hennessy | July 12, 2007

Announcing our Free Trial of SimplePost!

After a lot of work, testing, and re-testing, we are finally ready to launch our Free Trial of SimplePost tonight! I’m really excited about the things we are building into our talent marketing platform, and with SimplePost as our first core component, we think we’ve set the bar pretty high for the rest of the platform!

Providing this free trial will really lower the barrier for companies of any size to try our talent marketing platform. We are including the top 5 major boards in our trial including Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Dice and Craigslist, along with 5 free boards to give you a feel for marketing your jobs on both. You will have full access to all the features, including our applytracking technology and full reporting system. We think once you try marketing your jobs through our platform, you’ll never want to go back!

We decided to limit the number of boards for the trial to keep things simple, yet still provide some real value. Once you decide you’d like to market more jobs through our platform, you can purchase more campaign credits directly on our site, and can request any additional job boards to be configured with your account. For cases where you request a niche board that requires additional configuration, we have a small one-time setup fee to get you up and running…but that’s all the costs you will incur.

Over the next week, we will be uploading flash videos to help you fully understand each part of the system, and to help you with any possible questions you may have.

So, i encourage you to take a test drive of our talent marketing platform…you won’t be sorry! 🙂


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