Posted by: Michael Hennessy | October 4, 2007

Monster is getting involved with video with job descriptions.

It’s good to see that the major players in the job board space are starting to play with some of the new technologies/concepts available today. We saw this press release about Monster partnering with MadDash E-mediea to offer a new product offering called “Monster Video Profile” which will allow companies to embed streaming video into their job descriptions.

 We’ve been talking about multi-media “Job Commercials” for a bit, and i think getting players like Monster and maybe other big name vendors to get into this space is really going to cause a tide shift in how companies think about marketing their jobs. I haven’t seen the product that Monster is describinging, but from reading the press release, it appears to be a very formal arrangement to create what i would call “static” videos that can then be streamed into the job description. No doubt that there is a clear need for this and it’s a step in the right direction. But what candidates want is one-on-one messaging. It’s great to include an overview video about your company, but what about the hiring manager you might be working with, or the specific division of your company that a candidate is considering?

The goal of our job commercials is to create a set of easy-to-use intuitive tools that creates a custom video/flash multi-media presentation for that unique job…not a corporate overview. Of course, the job commercial could start with 10-15 seconds of what’s great about the company, but then you want to engage the candidate with data & information about what’s great about THIS specific job. That could be a voice narration from the actual hiring manager, or potentially audio from the employees who work for that group. How compelling would it be to hear 3 or 4 actual employees for 10 second clips explain why it’s such a cool company or cool department? That’s the power of a dynamic job commercial.

But, this is a new area…and with anything new, it will take time for the concepts and technology to take root. The fact that Monster is getting into the game is great for bringing to light the other possibilities in how to best market your jobs.


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