Posted by: Michael Hennessy | October 12, 2007

Marketing via niche boards is on the rise…

There’s a new WSJ article entitled “Job Search Sites Face a Nimble Threat” which documents how smaller, niche boards are growing in popularity over the more mainstream boards such as Monster and CareerBuilder. While the growth of traffic at these big boards slows, the traffic continues to increase at sites that can better target specific types of candidates. We also believe that this trend will continue to grow…as companies get more creative in reaching out to those small sites on the web where they can reach their audience.

This provides yet another reason why companies should be using a job marketing platform that can seamlessly and efficiently market their jobs to everywhere, including these niche sites. In fact, we think it critical that recruiters and companies use a platform which automatically captures those critical metrics in terms of impressions, visitors and applicants. Leveraging a platform like WildFire, recruiters will have the ability to test out their theories on whether a specific niche board will drive more overall impressions, visitors or applicants versus a more traditional board. It’s one thing to have a gut feel about how well or poorly a specific site will perform , but it’s entirely something different when you provide your boss a detailed report showing a comparison of a job posted on a traditional board versus a niche board with detailed metrics showing the avg cost per view, and cost per applicant.

With that report, you not only will possess data, you will possess the knowledge of what does/doesn’t work for you company, allowing you to make more informed decisions.


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