Posted by: Michael Hennessy | November 16, 2007

Launching WildFire Blog Marketing Service


Today we are launching the beta version of our WildFire Blog marketing component which will eventually allow companies to market themselves and specific job opportunities on targeted blogs of their choice. Today, millions of blogs are created and read by internet users…and the numbers continue to grow. Blogs by their very nature are about specific topics of interest to the blogger and the blogs readers. As such, they can be a very efficient way for companies to reach people that they are looking to recruit.

For many bloggers, the value they provide has not been something they  can easily monetize. Yes, they can include Google Adwords on their page, but often the benefits are not worth it. Since most bloggers only see a fraction of the ad rate for clicks, they need a substantial viewing base in order to generate any real revenue.


Our WildFire marketing model gives all the revenue directly to the blogger….there is no middle man! The model itself is extremely simple…a tenant of everything we do here. A blogger registers with SmashFly and requests to become a member of the WildFire blog network. We then provide the blogger  a simple agreement, their WildFire “Ad Key” and the snippet of HTML code which will be used to display the Ad. The Blogger then includes the snippet of HTML at the bottom of each post…that’s it! WildFire then monitors the number of views and applyclicks generated from the bloggers site.  The blogger gets paid based on a pay-per -click model at the standard rate of 10 cents/click. There is no bidding here like Google…at least not initially. The blogger will then be paid each month for the total amount of clicks generated.

WildFire provides both the blogger and company a web UI where they can track view/clicks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis…there is 100% transparency for both sides.

The benefits to the bloggers is substantial. Without any additional investment, they can quickly add one line of HTML code to each blog entry and start generating revenue. Even if they use Google Adwords, this is yet another lightweight way to drive additional revenue.

The benefits for companies are substantial. We will provide a full list of registered blogs that would best match the types of users a company is trying to reach. It provides yet another way of marketing themselves and their job opportunities to new audiences. The hard to reach audiences.

This is a new idea…one that, as far as we can tell has not been tested or tried yet…we like to push the envelope like that! We believe this is yet another great marketing channel for companies, but we want to make sure it works as expected first, so we’re going to be the first clients of our own service.

 We are looking for any HR or recruiting/staffing bloggers out there that would like to start generating revenue from their blogs starting immediately. We are looking to use the service to market Smashfly and our WildFire platform…and get the word out to recruiters that we exist and that they should really consider a job marketing platform. We will pay the standard rate of the 10 cents/click and the service is immediately available…so sign up today!

So, what do you need to do if you are a blogger? Follow these very simple steps.

1. Register with Smashfly….it’s free and very easy to do.
2. Email with your accountnumber (you will receive this after you register) and let them know you would like to sign up as blogger in the WildFire network.
3. You will receive a standard agreement along with your unique “Ad Key” and snippet of HTML code.
4. Start pasting the HTML code in each blog entry…start receiving money.
5. To review your stats and see how much you’ve earned, login to your account at
What does a “Ad” on a blog look like? See below…as you can see, it’s very unobtrusive and easy on the flashing banners or anything like that. Give it a shot…what have you got to lose except additional money?

Sponsored by SmashFly Technologies, Provider of WildFire, The First Job Marketing Platform



  1. mm.. nice post dude..

  2. Question. If I become a blogger, and advertise my own “business”, I as the blogger receive the click money? I as the the “business” when I recevie business inquires owe nothing to wildfire or smashfly?


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