Posted by: Michael Hennessy | November 16, 2007

Marketing for jobs, products or companies…

It’s been really interesting working on a marketing platform that is tailored to the vertical market of recruiting. As we’ve been talking about, Job Marketing is about leveraging the same concepts, strategies and technologies in the recruiting space that traditional marketing efforts employ for their products or services . Often, we’ll get ideas for our Job Marketing platform that originates from the efforts of traditional marketing of a product/or service.

In that sense, we are in the dual position of both needing to develop WildFire as a job marketing platform, while at the same time coming up with creative marketing ideas that will help us get the word out about WildFire…in other words we need to use the same types of marketing concepts/strategies in our own efforts! This has been, and continues to be a great source of innovation for us…when you need to solve problems for yourself, you become intimately familiar with the space you are trying to reach. To that end, we are launching a new marketing service that will be targeted at the blogging space.  And as a way of learning, we are going to be the first client’s of our own service! Read the following blog entry which explains this new marketing/ad tool that is immeditely available for any bloggers to use.


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