Posted by: Michael Hennessy | November 27, 2007

StaffBytes the first to pilot Blog marketing service!

We just launched a pilot of our new WildFire Blog marketing service and StaffBytes is the first site/blogging service to start advertising using our new blog ad model. Check out the site, and you will see a small text ad for SmashFly at the bottom of every post. It’s subtle, but there, and we believe will be a great marketing tool, not only for ourselves but for our clients who want to advertise their company and job openings on some very targeted key blogs.

We are actively talking with other blogs and expect to pick up a number of them over the next 2 to 3 weeks. Based on this initial pilot of the service over the next couple months, we will decide on future steps of expanding the service to specific vertical markets for our client base. We fully expect that clients will love the flat rate pay-per-click model with the ability to reach those tough to reach passive candidates on targeted blogs. We will post results of the effort after our initial 3 month trial.


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