Posted by: Michael Hennessy | December 6, 2007

Introduction to the “Job Commercial”

One of the new technologies that we’ve been working on and promoting via our website and through demos is the new concept of a “Job Commercial”. We’re using that term because  people inherently know what commercials are…30 second to 1 minute spots that companies use to market their products or services. Companies use all kinds of commercials, TV, Radio, Print, and increasingly online formats such as keyword and banner ads. The whole goal is to sell you something.

We believe that as recruiting gets tougher and tougher (as they predict it will over the coming years), companies are going to have to SELL candidates on why they should work for them…especially the GOOD candidates.  And selling /pitching a job to a candidate is far different then listing a job on some board and hoping for the best. Now, Job commercials are not about TV or Radio Ads, that’s clearly not an option. But we do believe, however,  that with the ubiquitous availability of tools and technologies that enable creating, uploading and sharing of all kinds of digital content, there are new opportunities for companies to better brand themselves and their job opportunites beyond the simple text job description that has been the staple of recruiting for the last 10 years.

So a “Job Commercial” is the idea of leveraging the readily available digital content + tools to create a presentation to a passive job candidate to get them interested in your job & company. I should note here, the core audience of a job commercial is the PASSIVE candidate who is NOT looking for a job. …but just out on the web doing his/her work. ACTIVE candidates are the ones who will submit their resume without even knowing what a job is about…they NEED a job…so spending extra money to entice those candidates doesn’t make sense…they’ll apply anyway!

No, the Job Commercial is meant as a marketing tool…to show the great culture of your company, to hightlight the great people who work their, to showcase the cool technology that you’re working on, etc. These are the things that will get a person’s attention who isn’t looking for a job. In a previous post, I linked to a video put together by the employees of a young technology company in New York. After it found it’s way to the web, they recieved over 4 MILLION resumes over the course of 4 months! That online video gave everyone an inside view of the fun culture and environment of that company…and it was very compelling! That was not economically feasible up till a couple years ago, but with the YouTube generation…everything is going up on the web…quickly and cheaply.

So, at a high level, a Job commercial is any combination of digital content that is used to help market your job and company. If you consider the New York Video I mentioned above, imagine that every job listing, or recruitment campaign that company did had a link to this video, promoting the fun culture & environment. Something that simple, when done systematically and measured is a form of a job commercial.

What we do is provide the tools and technology to easily and cheaply combine the digital content that you may have, or create on your own, with content we generate on the fly to create a single video presentation that highlights what’s great about your job and company. And we are building the tools to make that very, very easy…which is the critical to the system.

So, that’s a high level conceptual overview of what we’re building. In the next post, i’ll describe the Anatomy of a Job Commercial and how all those components come together.

In about 2 weeks, i’ll put up a link to a beta site that will allow you to test creating a few job commercials yourself. I realize it’s tough to visualize what i’m talking about here…but once you see a demo/create one yourself, you’ll understand what it can do, and hopefully will inspire some new thoughts on how you could leverage this technology in your own recruiting processes.


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