Posted by: Michael Hennessy | December 13, 2007

Foundation of a “Job Commercial”

In my last post, i gave a basic introduction to the concept of a Job Commercial. Companies will use digitil content to better brand their companies and jobs..that simple. So, now that we’ve covered the concept of the job commercial, let’s dig into the guts a little. How does it work? What does a company/recruiter need to do to use it? etc.  

At the simplest level, a job commercial could be a video clip linked to an existing job description that provides an intro to the company. It could be a linked image/advertisement (think print ads). It could even be just a linked mp3 audio file of the hiring manager describing why this company or job is so cool. And don’t forget about text, animations and images and the necessity to mix/combine all these elements together.

So, we needed to pick a technology that provided a “storyboard” for companies….something that easily lets them assemble different digital content into a unified presentation. We also wanted to pick a tested and ubiqutious technology so that companies could customize and totally control the experience themselves. What did we end up with?


Ok, there are people who either love or hate powerpoint…i get that, but it’s a very versatile and powerful peice of technology. Combined with technology that converts powerpoints to Flash Video files…you have an extremely flexible and powerful foundation to allow companies to really showcase whatever they want.

Let’s be clear here…powerpoint can play video, play audio, has a ton of text/built in animations, supports images, and much more. As a core foundation, it’s exactly what you need to allow companies to mix digital content. What takes it to the next step is the ability to then convert all of that to a single flash video automatically…where 99% of all browsers can now view your content. That’s good stuff.

In addition, we don’t REQUIRE recruiters/companies to have any idea how to use powerpoint, Flash, audio or video. Our solution does all the heavy lifting for you. We simply get the key parts of the job/company that are unique and combine that with a standardized template of your choice…and presto…instant Job Commercial!

Of course, the immediate question companies will have is, “we love your standard templates, but what if we wanted to create and upload our own templates?”. Of course, that’s the beauty of powerpoint. Many company marketing departments have already spent a cnosiderable investment in creating the company standard “powerpoint” template” . That means the standard logo, colors, fonts, backdrop images, etc. All those companies need to do is upload their core marketing template, make a few config settings and they now have a brand new template with which to create presentations.

What about audio or video? Piece of cake. Using our media library tools, upload your own images, audio clips, mpeg,AVI, WMV video clips and then associate them with a given template…that’s it. For example, your opening of your job commercial could be slide 1. On this slide, you’ve associated the welcome.wmv video from your CEO. Slide 2 has the job details and company info. All of the grunt work of assembling and generating the final flash video is taken care by WildFire…all a company needed to do was upload the video file, their standard powerpoint and then specify which items should be dynamcially populated from the job profile.

Ok, this may seem a bit overwhelming…there’s a lot of stuff here! But the power and flexibility of what we’re developing with Job Commercials will bring “Ease of use” to new levels where these things will happen through a standard wizard process. the app will ask a few questions, the recruiter/user will answer them…and they will be done. Of course, seeing is believing, and we ARE working on the public version that we’ll blog about here. It will provide you with the core tools necessary to kick the tires of creating your own job commercial!

Ok, next post will be “Anatomy of a Job Commercial”, where i’ll focus on the 5 core things we think companies should include in any job commercial. more to come.


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