Posted by: Michael Hennessy | December 31, 2007

The “Machine of a Dream”

Well, we’re almost into 2008 and this is my last blog post for 2007, so I wanted to make it a fun one! We continue to work on our WildFire platform, the first of it’s kind in the world today…and which now has it’s own theme music. I mean, what’s an application without it’s own theme music? 🙂

If you haven’t checked it out, head to our SmashFly homepage and click on the intro video…now updated with our “Machine of a dream” song. Yes, we did this for fun and it may seem somewhat trivial to have this type of flash commercial at all, but it does actually have a purpose.

If you’re in recruiting, we are, in fact, creating the “machine of a dream”…a job marketing platform that provides a single platform upon which you can not only manage, but measure all your recruitment advertising campaigns. What’s really significant here is that it’s YOUR machine, that YOU get to drive….not a service offering that some company does for you.

In looking at the recruitment advertising space, there are many recruitment ad agencies that will run your campaigns for you, but you won’t be able to grab the wheel and drive yourself. WildFire provides you the complete platform to drive your own recruitment advertising campaigns and a dashboard to show you where you’re going.  In addition, we offer professional  services to help you maximize your usage of the platform and which allow you to really optimize your recruiting campaigns. But in the end, it’s your dashboard, and your system to control.. No other application on the market today provides you that level of sophistication and flexibility.

So, if you’re a recruiting or “Talent Acquisition” specialist, do yourself a favor and starting using a job marketing platform to improve your recruitment advertising and hire better quality candidates faster! <End of marketing message> 🙂



  1. Mike, great video! When do you make your acting debut? I think Andy has a friend with video experience that could lend assistance! 😉

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