Posted by: Michael Hennessy | January 15, 2008

A case study in recruitment advertising optimization..coming soon!

A Job Marketing platform enables you to perform 4 key activies in regards to your recruitment advertising. Create, Manage, Measure and Optimize. Each of those activities is vital to ensuring you are running your recruitment advertisements to the fullest potential, but the last activity, Optimization, is where you really will start to see the beneifts of a marketing platform.

To that end, we are working with several of our clients on a case study that will show the direct benefits of taking a real marketing approach to their current job advertisements. Through the process, we will demonstrate how you can take your job advertising to a new level in terms of performance and effectivness.

In this study, we will take a baseline job advertisement that clients use today to market their jobs on Monster & CareerBuilder. The first step in being able to improve performance is to measure the current ad’s effectiveness. WildFire does this by measuring views, applyclicks and generates marketing metrics to show how well the Ad performed.

Our marketing team will then “optimize” the job advertisement by creating three new versions of the ad. Each version will be focused on highlighting a core benefit of the job. The idea will be to see, which optimized version will perform the best. Those three versions will then be marketd on Monster & CareerBuilder simultaneously…and the system will then generate a final report showing which Ad performed the best.

This process can end up saving companies thousands of dollars in recruitment costs. By taking the time to systematically measure and then optimize a given job advertisement, they will increase their overall traffic, and very likely find a higher volume of better quality candidates in a shorter period of time. This is what job marketing is all about!

We’re actively working on these case studies and expect to post our results both on our website and on this blog…so check back in early March to see the real hard numbers of how effective a job marketing platform can be!


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