Posted by: Michael Hennessy | January 16, 2008

5 ways to create inspiring job advertisements

I came across this article on ERE entitled 5 ways to create inspiring job announcements and thought it provided some great guidance on how recruiters can craft a much more effective job ad . I like the idea of mixing in stories versus bullet points…we all relate to a story and it helps crystalize aspects of a job that just aren’t captured in the bullet points of qualifications and requirements.

I think the article re-enforces the idea that passive candidates need to be sold on a job opportunity…and anything you can do to fine tune your marketing message to reach them is well worth the effort. A problem that is not addressed in this article though is, are recruiters by nature good writers?

I think this goes to the heart of the problem for most companies. You hire recruiters to recruit, not write marketing copy. Just like you wouldn’t hire a sales person and expect them to write your marketing brochures, so companies need to realize that their is such a thing as “Job Marketing” and not to expect their recruiters to be especially good at writing effective, well written job advertisements.

The concept of Job Marketing is not new, but what is new is getting companies to realize that their is a specific job discipline that job marketing entails.  This doesn’t mean that companies have to hire full-time “job marketing” specialists per say, but a good first step is for them to realize there are a set of specific functions that fall outside the area of expertise of their in house recruiters and HR folks that can and should be addressed by folks who have those skillsets.

The bottom line: Get Job Marketing experts to help you craft effective job adverisements and let your recruiters recruit!



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