Posted by: Michael Hennessy | March 4, 2008

WildFire: New Inventory Management system…

We’ve been hard at work for the past 4 months developing an unparelleled job board inventory management system that will set the bar in terms of ease of use and functionality. We’ve been trying to balance certain WildFire features with the need to build out this system, and we finally decided to bite the bullet.

What does this new inventory management system provide? Well, if you’re a small to medium size company this feature set might not be as critical to you. However, if you’re a larger, more complex global company that requires a system to fully match the complexity of your recruitment advertising purchases, you’re gonna love this!

This inventory management system provides you complete central control to purchase, manage, control, and report on all your job board inventory across your entire global organization. Purchase multiple inventory types from any board and track them centrally. Want to try Monster’s new 15 day or 30 day postings, but only want to allocate access to a specific business unit or even a specific set of rectuiters? Not a problem!

Want to run detailed cost analysis reports across all your active inventory by busines units? We have it covered.

Want to allocate posting or slot based inventory by business unit and user type? The system provides this seamlessly.

We’ve discovered that building an inventory management system that provides the sophistication level to enable a company to truly control and monitor ALL their various types of recruitment advertising through one system is VERY hard. But after 4 long months…we’ve reach the end of the road! Our new system will be available starting next week, so if you’re interested in how your company could take advantage of this new functionality, drop us a line!



  1. Sounds like an extremely cool system Mike!

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