Posted by: Michael Hennessy | April 4, 2008

Recruiters friends: Linked-In, Bebo, FaceBook, Plaxo, Outlook …

Social networking and social networking sites are really starting to become a critical tool to savy recruiters. We’re always trying to find out what the latest and greatest practices & tools are that recruiters rely on…and increasingly, we are finding that making new connections through these new sites is at the top of the list.

A recruiter will increasingly have 4,5 or even more profiles on all these sites…and can quickly become overwhelmed in trying to manage all their contacts and leverage them for recruiting efforts.  Each of those sites has their own tools for communicating and there is no common ground between them.

Luckily initiatives such as “Open Social” from Google are springing up to bring some centralization to all these social networking sites. The Open Social initiative has made a public  API available that enables any 3rd party application to help users control and leverage their contacts across all these sites. The possibilities are immense.

In order to ensure WildFire provides recruiters the most sophisticated and feature rich job marketing tools available, we’re building direct access to the Open Social API, thereby enabling recruiters to centralize all their facebook, linked-in, bebo and even Outlook contacts into our CRM toolset. From there, recruiters can run dedicated job marketing campaigns to any subset of contacts they like…a very powerfull solution!

In addition to our integration with Open Social, we will soon be announcing a partnership which will enable our WildFire solution to source candidates directly from every major resume database including Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs and more. Centralizing all those connections into one platform enables some very powerful and innovative recruiting scenarios to play out!

We’ll be talking a lot more about these exciting contact managements tools baked right into the WildFire platform in the coming months.


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