Posted by: Michael Hennessy | May 18, 2008

Talent Marketing’s role in building social networks.

There’s an interesting article i just read over at ERE.NET by Kevin Wheeler called “Get Candidates Engaged: 5 ways to implement social network concepts and attract the best”

I wasn’t really impressed with his 5 suggestions, overall it seems like another article about generic ways to get candidates more involved in the recruiting process. He didn’t add any real best practices and “how to” info…but he did have a couple comments i thought were interesting.

He says “Successful and truly value-added uses of recruiting technology have almost nothing to do with information storage, sorting, searching, or retrieval. Instead, the real value lies in using the technology to facilitate communication with prospective candidates, to educate, sell, and screen them and to build global networks of contacts and prospects.”

I think that’s a very important concept ….one that we talk a lot about here which we call “Talent Marketing”. Marketing is about reaching your target audience, educating them about your product/service, and then selling them on it. “Talent Marketing” is applying the same concepts to recruiting….finding creative ways to REACH the candidates wherever they are on the web, using networking concepts and “job commercials” to educate them about your company and job, and leveraging new media solutions to actuall SELL the candidate on your job.  Posting a job on a job board is not going to cut it anymore.

Most companies have not made the leap to talent marketing…they are still using technology to post data, store profiles, and search and retrieve candidates from various sites. But Once you start to see recruitment as a funnel, with the top part of the funnel being “awareness”  (a person becomes aware you have a job to fill), the use of social networking and the recruiting technology that helps you foster those social networks becomes immediately obvious.

To really do all those things well, (reach new candidates, educate them, and sell them) , we believe you need a talent marketing platform that is built with all those concepts in mind. Just like you purchase an ATS/Talent Management System to MANAGE all those candidates once they apply, you first need a talent marketing solution to help you market to them in the first place to get them to become candidates.





  1. Mike
    Nice blog … Look forward to more insights

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