Posted by: Michael Hennessy | June 17, 2008

WildFire API V.2 – now with REST support

Just a quick announcement that we are going to be publishing version 2.0 of our WildFire APi’s. The updates have a bunch of new functionality that will allow 3rd party systems to use our enchanced job inventory management features. 3rd party systems can now configure multiple inventory types, define a slots or postings model, control individual inventory access to posting groups and more.

Also, ver 1.0 of our API’s were built with SOAP support only, as SOAP provides the most robustness in terms of enterprise level needs. However, REST has quickly become a favorite interface among web developers because of it’s simplicity and ability to handle the most common integration needs.

So, with our ver 2.0 of the API’s, we will be supporting a REST interface in addition to our SOAP interface….offering more choices and flexiblity for our partners. As we expand our API, we may also consider adding the HTTP Query interface as well.

We’re excited about the launch of our new API’s…and our ability to integrate with more partners.



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