Posted by: Michael Hennessy | June 23, 2008

SmashFly & Talent Technology form a strategic partnership

I’m excited to announce that we have signed a partnership/reseller agreement with Talent Technology that will bring our WildFire Talent Marketing services to both their HireDesk clients AND to their Resume Mirror clients. We are partnering with TTC on a few different levels.

First, we are building a direct integration Between WildFire and the TTC HireDesk ATS system. This will bring high quality/low cost job marketing/distribution services right within the ATS system they are using today. The integration allows HireDesk clients to leverage all of the new powerful features of WildFire, while still having a single vendor/single contract to simplify the setup processes.

We are also working with TTC to bring WildFire directly to the ERP market space for clients of Oracle, SAP, and the PeopleSoft systems. With TTC’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the ERP space combined with our industry first Talent Marketing Platform, we are excited about what the future holds!

We’ll be talking a lot more about this partnership in the coming weeks and months, but for right now, we’re hard at work putting all the pieces together to ensure a successfull launch. We’re hoping to have a full demo of the integrated solution at the HR Tech show in October this year….hope to see you there!.


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