Posted by: Michael Hennessy | June 24, 2008

Our Talent Marketing Case Study is published.

Well, i’ll admit that i thought we’d have this complete back in May, but we wanted to make sure we provided a thorough analysis of the results so that you didn’t need to sift through all the data by yourself. We worked with Bill Key from Google Marketing on this case Study to create three different Job Ad variations for each job. The goal of each variation was to highlight a specific topic of interest…so that we could measure how each one performed. Thanks Bill for all your hard work on this study!

Tom Kramer provides the detailed analysis of our findings and does an excellent job bringing some interesting insights into what we discovered. Thanks Tom for the help in putting this together.

You can view the complete case study here . Enjoy! And feel free to share the link with other folks in the recruitment industry…anyone who has wondered how CareerBuilder compares to Monster or how they might increase the amount of applicants for a given job advertisement will find the results of this case study interesting and of value.

We look forward to running additional case study’s in the future that demonstrate how companies can benefit from using the multiple marketing services of a talent marketing platform to promote their jobs to candidates wherever they are on the web.





  1. Hey Mike, this is great practical, real world data about how to improve the performance of your recruitment spend. If you are a recruiter who is actively posting, you should absolutely watch this video.

    It’s great to see tangible metrics for recruitment advertising… and not just on PPC sites like indeed and simplyhired, but for traditional job postings as well.

    Stuff like this makes us happy to be a partner… and any recruiters out there who want to start running these kinds of experiments with their own postings, we’ll be happy to walk you through how you can do this using a free SHARE account on

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