Posted by: Michael Hennessy | July 11, 2008

What people are saying….

When it comes to promoting SmashFly we’re big believers in word-of-mouth marketing. You won’t see any full page AD’s in or big banner ads on ERE.Net….but you just might hear someone mention us in the hallways of a tradeshow, or read a blog entry about us.

Yes, we’d rather our customers be our voice to the market….it’s much more authenticate when you hear from real customers their REAL experience with a new technology. We try to focus on creating very happy customers and hope they become evangelists for our products and services…and so far, so good!

To that end, we’ve just added a “What people are saying” section to the SmashFly website where we’ve pulled together a few choice quotes from some of our current customers and partners. We’ll continue to add to this section as we expand with new happy customers and partners. We’ll also use that section to showcase new ways customers & partners are using our WildFire platform. With the launching of our new Job Commercial technology next month, we’ve got some very cool & exciting stuff that we think you’ll really enjoy!


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