Posted by: Michael Hennessy | July 17, 2008

The next REAL SmashFly employee

Ok, so it’ll be about 20 years before Parker joins SmashFly, but we need to grow a bit sooner…as in now. So, i’m pleased to announce that Filipp Rakevich will be joining SmashFly full-time on August 1st this year. We are VERY excited to having filipp join our team.

Some background: Back in the BrassRing days, i worked very closely with filipp as we built out the Enterprise platform and the first versions of the BrassRing Talent Gateway products. Filipp joined me in the BrassRing Labs group soon after, where we built a number of cutting edge systems, such as the current BrassRing Smart Approval engine, Mobile Recruiter College campus module, and WireLess recruiter for smartphones.

Filipp will be joining our team as the Chief Technology Officer, and will be responsible for all technology & development decisions going forward. Having been instrumental to making the BrassRing product what it is today, we’re excited about Filipp’s skillset and his ability to take our WildFire platform to the next level.

Welcome Filipp!


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