Posted by: Michael Hennessy | July 17, 2008

The Top 100 Niche Job Boards – 2008

I came across this article about the top 100 niche job boards which is based upon google traffic over the last 12 months. They do a good job of organizing the boards by category, so you can quickly find the board that suites your specific needs.

As we’ve talked about before, niche job boards are only going to increase in numbers and traffic. The next logical questions you should be asking are , “Do they perform better than the major boards?”, or “What’s the ROI of these boards versus others?” If you can’t measure the performance of one board versus another…your doomed to gut instinct, or best guesses.

But lists like this help raise the awareness to companies that there ARE alternatives to posting your jobs on Monster or CareerBuilder. Now you just need to select some boards you’d like to test market, run your campaigns, measure the performance, and then make adjustments until you have a fully optimized talent recruitment funnel. You may just find that there’s a niche job board out there that delivers twice as many qualified candidates for half the price…and wouldn’t that be nice?

Don’t post your jobs, Market them.


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