Posted by: Michael Hennessy | August 6, 2008

FireFox/IE7 WildFire Plug-in now available

Our of the core components of our WildFire Talent Marketing Platform is our contacts database, and we are determined to create the most sophisticated and feature-rich contact management tool on the market for recruiters.

To date, we have introduced our Outlook add-on, which allows for very deep integration between Outlook and the WildFire Contacts system enabling recruiters to auto-sync their outlook contacts with WildFire, auto-create WildFire contacts based on incoming email, track the incoming/outgoing email correspondence on a given contact direclty within WildFire, and auto-update your outlook notes with WildFire.

I’m now happy to announce the availabilty of our new WildFire Contacts Plug-in for both FireFox and IE7. What’s this plugin do? A recruiter comes across new contacts everywhere they go. And one common place to find contacts is on the web as you surf. Our WildFire plug-in now allows recruiters to easily and seamlessly add any contact found on a web page directly into their WildFire Contact database. Below is an image of the WildFire screen that occurs when you find an email address on a web page.

You simply right click on the email address, and it will auto-populate the email address AND the webpage for you. Type in the candidates name, any notes you want to remember about the candidate, and if you happen to be viewing the resume, as this example shows, copy/paste the resume direclty into the plugin. Click “ok” and the contact is automatically added to your system, tagged by you, with a note created, and an associated resume. Its that simple. You are now ready to use the talent marketing platform to send campaigns to the contact and start building relationships.

We have additional innovative solutions coming that will enable you to auto-sync all your contacts into WildFire from your favorite social networking sites. Stay tuned!


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