Posted by: Michael Hennessy | August 7, 2008

Dr. Johns 13 Trends In Corporate Recruiting for 2009

Dr John Sullivan posted an article on on 8/4/08 entiteld “13 Trends in Corporate Recruiting for 2009” in which he outlines what he sees as priorties for companies next year. What struck me as i read his article was how our talent marketing platform actually delivers on many of the trends he talks about.  I don’t want to cover all 13 trends but let me highlight the top 6 of his 13 and explain how WildFire directly allows companies to act on these trends.

  • Upgrading employment branding:  We are introducing cutting edge  technology we call “Job Commercials” which enable companies to create multi-media flash video’s combining their own video content, in combination with images, text, animations, create a unique video for each job. Our platform then includes this commercial in any job advertisements the company may run, whether it’s a job posting on Monster, or a keyword ad campaign on Google.
  • Reinvigorating referral programs: Our platform comes with the ability to run cash-based referral rewards campaigns, tracking which users refer whom. If a hire results from the referral network, the system connects the recruiter with the people who were involved in the referral chain, and they split the referral reward. If you are familiar with H3, you’ll know how this works. Our system also measure the performance of these campaigns.
  • Reinforcing the business case for recruiting. We are a talent MARKETING platform, so measuring the effectiveness of all the campaigns is the core focus of our platform. We are able to centrally measure all a company’s marketing efforts, and then generate detailed reporting on those campaigns, generating a “cost per view”, “cost per apply click”, “cost per applicant” and more. Our platform will enable the recruiting group to justify their budget and show how and where the money is going and how effective it is being used.
  • Utilizing social networks. We allow companies to directly integrate with the most popular social networks such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Myspace. Companies can seamlessly import those contacts into our CRM system, and then run dedicated campaigns to contacts, or leverage the referral campaigns to tap into their network of people to drive interest. 
  • Utilizing video: Our job commercial technology takes the use of video to an entirely new level. Instead of having a central “company” video, a company can combine video, audio, animations and more to create a unique flash video that is directly linked to their job advertisements.  Companies can use our media library to upload and manage all their media content.
  • Using a CRM model for hiring: Our platform comes with a very sophisticated CRM module built right in. Companies can take advantage of our OutLook Plug-ins to auto-sync contacts, create customized email templates and run email campaigns from within the CRM system. We believe we have the most feature rich CRM solution dedicated to talent marketing on the market today.

What you didn’t see on his list was “Use more job boards”, or “Leverage new job boards more effectively”. I think his list underlies what’s happening in the recruiting in terms of how companies need to evolve their techniques for reaching new candidates. Just posting jobs on job boards isn’t going to cut it anymore, and companies need new tools to help them navigate the new marketing channels that are opening up to them. Those that take advantage of those tools will be far ahead of the pack.


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