Posted by: Michael Hennessy | August 18, 2008

Being Transparent as a business

I came across this blog entry Four Reasons to be Transparent as a Startup, and found myself agreeing with the author. At SmashFly, some have argued that we’re too open and transparent…and i do believe there are certain aspects of a company you don’t want to publish to the world without learning more from your audience. But in general, i tend to favor making more information available versus less.

I think how transparent a company is can be an accelerator….but in which direction depends on what value the company is really delivering. For example, If a company fundamentally has a poor product, transparency into that company and product is only going to hightlight that fact and make things worse. If a company has a great product, transparency will help it shine and stand out from the others…even with all those imperfect things that go on. People understand companies aren’t perfect, but if you’re honest with them, and show real value, you will reap the rewards.  This blog is one of the ways we try to be transparent at SmashFly.



  1. WOW! You are ahead of your time. We work in the HR field in Canada and would greatly appreciate having a discussion with you on this.

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