Posted by: Michael Hennessy | August 19, 2008

Using a Talent Marketing Platform for ……Marketing!

If you’ve read this blog, you know that SmashFly has built the first talent marketing platform to enable companies to market their jobs to candidates wherever they are on the web. We’ve taken a fundamentally different approach to the sourcing problem, looking at it through a marketing lense. At the end of the day, whether you’r trying to get someone to purchase your product or hire a candidate , you want to optimize your funnel and improve your advertising budget ROI. So, when you see our WildFire platform, the reporting, the metrics, and the functionality, you may confuse it for a marketing tool….which brings me to this post.

When we started our own SmashFly marketing efforts, we started using the known tools in this space, namely SalesForce. SalesForce provides a very robust CRM / Sales tool for companies which has become wildly popular. The price point and ease of use are a couple reasons why.  But as we started using the tool more, we started to realize that it’s NOT a marketing tool. Yes, it allows you to do some marketing things, such as integrate with Google Adwords, but it doesn’t allow you to run large email marketing campaigns (you need to use another service for that) or run banner ads, or in any way execute your own marketing efforts.

At the same time, i started realizing the functionality we’ve built into WildFire is perfect for the types of marketing activities we want to run. So, i decided to move our contacts from SalesForce into WildFire, and started to craft processes around running marketing campaigns ourself. I then started to see how we could leverage all of the modules for company/product marketing efforts…for example our direct integration with Google/Yahoo for keyword campaigns. More importantly, we will be able to leverage our “job commercial” technology more generically for promoting SmashFly….We now have the ability to not only run marketing campaigns across sites, keyword campaigns, etc, but to also increase the effectiveness of those campaigns by showing dedicated multi-media flash commercials…and measure the whole thing!

Needless to say, this is helping us define even more innovative MARKETING functionality that can be used for recruiting candidates as much as for marketing our own software….which is pretty cool. One of the end results of this shift is that we will end up being the biggest power users of our own software. It also means that companies can leverage our WildFire platform not only for Talent Marketing but for Company/Product marketing. The future is bright indeed!


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