Posted by: Michael Hennessy | August 21, 2008

Employment Branding…”You are what they Remember”

I came across this blog/article that discusses how companies should think about thier employment branding. One important section states”

What does that have to do with recruiting? As you think about your organization’s employment brand, your goal should be to create a statement that people will remember and recall positively. To do that, you have only two options:

  • You can craft a branding statement that will positively differentiate your organization and then invest the money necessary to advertise that imaging phrase so pervasively that people will remember it whenever they decide to make an employment move. Achieving such a level of familiarity was hard enough in the 20th Century when there weren’t a lot of competing information distribution channels. It’s even more difficult (and far more expensive) today as distribution channels have multiplied both online and off. As with Brim, you must not only advertise continuously, but now, you must also do so in a wide array of media and outlets.
  • You can create an experience in your recruiting process that is so positively compelling and differentiating that it actually acts as an advertising message. To do that, you must move your entire organization (that means your hiring managers, employees and senior leaders as well as your fellow recruiters) from the transactional, supply chain mentality that dominates recruiting today to a relationship-based community development perspective. If you then trigger viral behavior on the part of candidates-if you formally and respectfully ask them to pass the memory along to their friends and colleagues-you can probably reach as many prospective candidates as you would with more traditional brand advertising. “

I think the author makes some great points here. Create a compelling process, that differentiates your company from the crowd, and you are thereby creating a positive experience for your candidates. This in turn will increase your employment branding.

In WildFire, we offer two very innovative and compelling technologies that help you create such a unique process. Our multi-media job commercial technology enables companies to stand out from the crowd by leveraging their own media content, in combination with unqiue job details, to provide a custom message for your target audience. This will be remembered AND appreciated from candidates who are bombarded with the traditional job descriptions of yesterday. Combine that with our extended referral system, and you now have a way for candidates to share your job advertisements with colleagues and friends.

Companies who leverage these type of technologies will be far ahead of the competition. You can learn more about our unique talent marketing solutions at .



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