Posted by: Michael Hennessy | August 30, 2008

Our WildFire “Partner” plug-in is a game changer…

I’m excited to announce the availabilty of a new offering from SmashFly: The WildFire Partner Plug-in. This is an IE6/7 and FireFox2/3 Plug-in that integrates any ANY ATS/Talent Management system with our WildFire platform.

Let’s review the old way this worked. Over the last 6 to 10 years, the existing ATS vendors have needed to make decisions on which “partners” they would integrate with their ATS system. This process involved development resources from both the ATS vendor AND The partner. They needed to define data mapping formats, UI integration specific, error handling, etc. It was a fair amount of work. The end result was that each ATS vendor only integrated with one, maybe 2 vendors in the posting space.

Because of that, when you look at the current major ATS vendors such as Taleo/Vurv, Kenexa, PeopleClick, ADP Virtual Edge, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and others, you see that their clients have limited choices. A client is forced to use the specific vendor integrated with their solution or otherwise go and force their users to login to a totally different system. If you’re a company trying to become a “partner” with any of these ATS vendors….forget about it…at least for several years, if at all. This is true for any type of partner, whether it’s job posting, contact management, backround checking,etc.

At SmashFly, we would demo our platform to companies, who genuinly were excited about our offerings, but couldn’t justify having their users launch yet another solution. They needed, and rightly so, one system to perform all their recruiting. What they would say is, “we love your solution, but we need it integrated. Talk with our ATS vendor and once you’re integrated, we’ll start using your services”. So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention and that core requirement drove us to create this exciting new plug-in solution.

For example, if you are an Taleo customer, you are well aware your only option is Equest. If you asked to use SmashFly, sorry…we don’t integrate with them. If you are a Kenexa KRB client, your two options are First Advantage or Arbita. And so on down the line. These integrations have been around for years and both clients AND ATS Vendors would like more choices…but the development costs/effort have continued to be a barrier.

Our WildFire Partner Plug-in changes all of that. Here are the requirements for you, as a client of ANY ATS/Talent Management system to have an INTEGRATED WildFire Talent Marketing solution.

1. Your ATS vendor is web based.
2. You post your jobs onto your corporate career site which is accessible by anyone with a browser.
3. You install our WildFire Partner Plugin for IE or FireFox

That’s it.

Now, from WITHIN your ATS web based system, you can now perform the following actions with our WildFire Partner Plug-in without ANY interaction with your ATS vendor. Zero development work, zero hassle.

1. Post your jobs to any job board.
2. Update/Remove your jobs from any job board
3. Check the status of any posted job, and review where it was posted, how well it’s performing (views/apply clicks).
4. Publish any applicant from your ATS system directly into our WildFire CRM module
5. Create and link multi-media “Job Commercials” directly to your job descriptions.

And this is just version 1.0! 🙂 We have a lot more that we will be adding to this Partner Plug-in, such as the abilty to run REPORTS right from within the plugin.
We are excited about the possibilities of this development and we’ll be reaching out to all the major ATS vendors to let them know this option is now available to their clients, without any additional effort/resources from them. But beyond that, we will going direclty to you, the customer, to let you know that you now have an integrated solution with WildFire platform to perform all of your talent marketing activites.

If you’d like a demo with your specific ATS vendor, contact us at and we will be happy to show you how easily and quickly your recruiters could be posting jobs directly from within your ATS solution using the same browser they use for all other normal functionality.

Technology is changing the game yet again.


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