Posted by: Michael Hennessy | September 2, 2008

Google Chrome and WildFire….

So, Google announced it’s new browser, Google Chrome, and since we just announced the availability of our new WildFire Partner Plug-In for IE/FireFox, i wanted to see what this new browser was all about. Just as important, i wanted to see if their new browser would work correctly with our WildFire web application.

My own personnal experiences with Google has been that their web based applications/services such as Search, Gmail, and Google News are solid. But when it comes to actual downloadable applications or SDK’s, they always seem lacking. For example, the OpenSocial project, Android SDK, and Google Lively 3-d all performed badly, lack documentation/support, are buggy and generally are unimpressive.  The list could go on…they don’t seem to do “software” very well. So i was expecting a sub-standard experience for this new browser, especialy considering they just launched it.

Having said that, and also qualifying that i just used the browser for 20 minutes or so on WildFire, i have to say i’m impressed. Our application not only performed as expected in terms of functionality, but also was pretty speedy as well. I’m not sure if i’d say faster than FireFox….but it was definitely faster than IE7 on our javascript/AJAX controls.

We’ll need to do a LOT more testing before we officially support the browser, but it appears they’ve done a solid job and that we should add it to our list of browsers very shortly. On top of that, they have a very nice architecture for plug-ins, so i suspect we will be putting out a WildFire Partner Plug-in for Google Chrome based on client requests.

Also, i should not that the Safari browser also works well with our applications…but we don’t yet officially support it…as we haven’t gotten any client requests to do so.

We’ll need to monitor how much attention/buzz this browser gets and whether ir provides a superior development platform for web based applications going forward..


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