Posted by: Michael Hennessy | September 18, 2008

Changing terminology: “Job commercials” to “Web commercials”

We have been hard at work refining what we previously had been referred to as “Job Commercials”. We have made great strides both in terms of “ease of use” as well our delivery methods…which i will be writing a separate blog post about.

As we worked on our campaign management system and commercial technology, we have introduced the ability to leverage these commercials, not only for job promotion, but for a more generic promotional campaign. For example, a company could leverage our commercial technology to promote a specific job, including job specific details, location, a video of the job location, etc.

But, using the same technology, a company could run a promotional email campaign announcing upcoming career fairs they might be attending, or a new product they just announced that they think candidates would be interested in, or opening of a new location. Those types of promotions arent’ “Job” specific…and so we are changing our terminology to “Web commercials” to more accurately reflect their purpose….running a multimedia Flash commercial for promotional purposes. This opens the doors to all kinds of opportunities.

A client of ours will be launching their first set of web commercials this fall, targeting their college recruitment efforts….we’re excited to finally introduce this exciting new technology to the marketplace.

I’ll be writing a new post about how we plan to deliver all this multimedia content to end-users in a scalable, fast and efficient global delivery system.


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