Posted by: Michael Hennessy | September 18, 2008

The initial feedback from our WildFire Partner Plug-In…

Having just announced the availability of our Partner Plug-In a few weeks ago, we’ve seen a lot of new interest from companies of various ATS systems. We’ve been busy demoing the plug-in from within both the Kenexa KRB and Taleo systems…and so far the feedback has been phenomenal!

The first common response is “I can’t even tell that this is separate from our system, it just looks like it’s part of the application!”. And then as we continue to demo how the plug-in can be used from ANYWHERE inside the ATS application, not just from a specific screen within the app, the next response is commonly, “This is way better than the integrated solutions!”. That’s because we are able to demo posting jobs, checking job stats, etc from anyhere the recruiter is…making WildFire only one click away at any time.

After our last demo, showing an integration with the Kenexa KRB solution, the recruiter was  silent for a second after completing the demo and then said “So, when are you guys going public? Because we want to buy stock!”.  As i said, the feedback so far has been very positive. 🙂


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