Posted by: Michael Hennessy | October 1, 2008

Introducing the “WildFire Partner Link”

I recently posted about a new integration offering we brought to market called the WildFire Partner plug-in. The solution allows users of any web-based ATS system to seamlessly integrate with the WildFire Platform. The only requirements being that users need to install a very lightweight plugin for either Internet Explorer or FireFox.

The response we received was fantastic…clients REALLY liked the solution. The only concern that we ran into from larger companies was the need to install a piece of software on a recruiters desktop. For many large enterprises, they lockdown a users machine so that no software can be installed without IT’s involvement. Definitely not a killer, but it can add to the logistics of such a solution.

So, we listened, brainstormed, and came up with a new solution we are calling the WildFire Partner LINK. This solution requires zero software installation, but still provides a seamless integration between any web-based system and WildFire. We have now removed the last barrier that companies would have in utilizing our solution.

We just demo’d the Partner Link the other day…and the response we got was really exciting.

So, if you use Taleo, Kenexa, PeopleClick, SAP, Oracle, etc…you now have an integrated solution with our WildFire Partner Link. Let us demo how we can seamlessly enable our Recruitment Marketing Platform right in your ATS solution.


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