Posted by: Michael Hennessy | October 27, 2008

An interesting new company….

We attended HR Tech this year in Chicago, and it was clear from the show attendance that the economy is affecting everyone. It was a very slow show in terms of people walking the aisles…much less than what it was in 2007.

But it still ended up being a quality show for us. We met a lot of new people, and started discussions with a bunch of new potential parnters. One such company i found interestng was Dayak.  The describe themselves as “The recruiting marketplace”, and there business model is very compelling.

Basically they are creating an open market where companies can place their job orders, and specify what price they are willing to pay to fill the job. On the other side are recruiters who can search all the open jobs ,and place candidates directly via Dayak. If one of their candidates is hired, they receive the fee. It enables any recruiter to have access to thousands of job orders without needing to call into companies. And ultimately it promises to reduce the fees that companies pay to fill the jobs.

Check them out…it’s a great idea. And we’re hoping to add their service as yet another marketing service avaialble to our clients…yet another way to market your jobs through our platform.


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