Posted by: Michael Hennessy | November 23, 2008

Bill Kutik and the HR Technology Roller Coaster

Bill Kutik recently wrote an article entitled “Recruiting Software goes Beserk…Again” discussing new innovative companies in the HR technology space. Although SmashFly got just a mention in the article, I believe this article will mark the first of many that document the emergence of a new category in the HR world that we refer to as “Talent Marketing”.

As we continue to demo our WildFire Talent Marketing Platform to more and more companies, we are hearing a chorus of approval from companies both small and large in regards to our talent marketing approach. It’s our belief that the emergence of a “Talent Marketing” discipline within companies is just beginning to be adopted, and will continue to emerge as a full blown HR discipline in the coming years.

At SmashFly, we will be at the forefront of this new industry trend, providing the latest talent marketing technology solutions to our clients before the rest of the industry. Exciting times are ahead!!


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