Posted by: Michael Hennessy | January 16, 2009

Using Twitter as a Talent Marketing tool

Do you tweet? Have you heard of Twitter ? It seems that Twitter is continuing to grow in popularity…my friends are talking about Twitter, i watch CNN, and notice that Rick Sanchez and Don Lemon have Twitter accounts, and i’ve now come across this article “Brands that Tweet” that has a list of brands using Twitter.

What companies are using Twitter for their brands?

just to name a few…and there are many, many more.

What could these companies possibly be twittering about? Well, anything that is about their company that they think people would find interesting. For example, what would Marriott Hotel chain twitter about? Here’s a few twits from their site.

“sent me time-lapse video of a room being renovated at the renovated New York Marriott Downtown hotel” ”

“Just heard that we will begin a renovation of our fitness center. New equipment, new everything to the new Marriott sp ”

“Rooms w/ a view: new Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park occupies top 35 flrs of 60 story building. Take a look 

What’s interesting is that companies ARE starting to use Twitter, just like any other channel to build brand awareness, get the message out about new products, services (or hotel rooms if you are Marriott). It’s a great, free mechanism to help companies connect with a new audience.

And so, I believe companies should start leveraging twitter in their talent marketing efforts. What a great way to get your job opportunities out to a new, growing audience, in real-time and for free! Using the jobtitle and location as the tweet, you can then leverage the format to provide a direct link to your job on your careersite.

But getting your job on Twitter is just the first step. As is true in talent marketing, you must be able to measure what type of traffic you generate from that effort. That’s where a product like WildFire (our talent marketing platform) can be invaluable. With a single click of a button, your job can be twitted on your company tweet, complete with a tracking URL that will provide you not only how many people viewed your tweet , but how many people applied to the job after clicking the link, how many got converted into applicants, and ultimately…did you hire anyone!

Using Twitter as a new talent marketing channel underscores what a Talent Marketing Platform brings to a recruiting team. Centralized talent marketing campaign management with centralized performance metrics. See how your Twitter Ad performed versus your Monster Ad or Email campaign! At “free”, why wouldn’t you?




  1. Does not seem to be helping GM. Sorry, I could not resist!

    Viva la Revolution

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