Posted by: Michael Hennessy | January 29, 2009

Get your dream job

I came across this article on CNN Money entitled “Get Your Dream Job” where they asked 5 Fortune 100 companies why they are hiring in this climate and what different types of things they look for.

The articles discusses Edward Jones, SRA International, CH2M Hill, Booz Allen and NetApp.
A quick, light read…nothing earth shattering in their answers…but there was a few pieces of info I thought were interesting.

From Edward Jones, they are quoted as saying about their hires  “They are what’s called `passive jobseekers.’ We prefer them because they have had to give something up to pursue this. Someone who is unemployed and looking for a job probably would not succeed here” . That’s a pretty powerful statement in relation to how they go about hiring people. It would disqualify job boards as a source of candidates…which is interesting. I think other companies feel the same, but the obvious obstacle becomes, “how do we reach those passive candidates”..which never gets answered, and so the easy thing is to contineu to rely on those sources which target active candidates.

Another interesting piece of info which is not surprising but worth thinking about from SRA International is “About half of our new hires are referrals from current employees. So we’re already pretty sure they will fit in here”. Again, everyone knows that a lot, if not a majority of hires come from employee referrals. As SRA mentions, they already know these candidates will most likely fit in with their culture.

So, if this is pretty much the rule for most companies and not the exception….does your current recruitment advertising budget and recruitment strategy accrurately reflect this reality? Are you spending the right amount of your recruiting budget to foster these types of employee referrals? Or, are you spending 80-90% of your recruiting budget on job boards and other services, and maybe a token amount to an employee referral campaign.

These are the kinds of questions companies need to be thinking about in these difficult economic times. “How do I maximize my recruitment budget to deliver the best quality candidates?” . And the  follow up question to that would be “How do I KNOW that i’m improving my recruitment advertising spend?” 

You can guess where i’m going with this….how about leveraging a talent marketing platform that enables you to automitcally run referral campaigns AND measure the effectiveness of these campaigns versus the other talent marketing activities you are using?

Only when you measure something can you improve it. In this economic climate, it’s more important than ever to start measuring your talent marketing activities so that you can save money, and drive better quality candidates to your site.



  1. I have been through your post. The way you analyzed the things is quite impressive and the points you made are also… Thanks a lot for providing such a good article. Hope u would continue doing so.

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