Posted by: Michael Hennessy | February 13, 2009

What role will job boards play in 2009?

For 2009, I’ve decided to add a new category to my blog called “Brainstorming”. Most of 2008 focused on blog entries related to SmashFly, and on our WildFire Talent marketing platform.

But these are strange times, and I think 2009 will be a strange year when it comes to recruitment strategies and best practices. The posts will be formatted as general thoughts, questions….basically thinking out loud as it relates to the world of recruitment technology and what interesting things are happening. The goal will be to simply spure thinking, formulate new ideas, and maybe even new solutions. As I’ve found many times…simply writing something down helps crystalize the thought or idea.

As a first thought & Blog entry , something that’s been on my mind is, how will job boards fair in this very tough economony where companies are downsizing, layoffs are plentifull and budgets are frozen? When there are more available candidates then ever looking for work. It seems to me, in situations like these, companies could significantly reduce their budgets when looking at job board spending. Free resources such as Indeed, SimplyHired, and Oodle are becoming more popular, and with a glut of candidates to choose from, a company could really save some money if they are one of the few still hiring.

My sense is that companies are cutting their budgets, and job boards will be affected just like everyone else…maybe more so. But the timing of this economic downturn, combined with the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and others could fundamentally change the job board landscape in it’s dominance as a core recruitment tool. I know some will argue that job boards don’t play a major role in their recruitment today…but I would argue those are the exceptions, not the rule.

This economic crisis could hold some hidden opportunities for companies who have relied soley on job boards as their major source of new talent. With more candidates available then ever before, and a slew of new and exciting free resources to connect with those candidates, companies may start to make fundamentall shifts in how they recruit the talent of tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if companies decide to try new recruitment strategies in this environment, or simply cut back on their job board campaigns, only to pick up where they left off once things start to rebound.


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