Posted by: Michael Hennessy | March 10, 2009

My first Phish concert and Brand loyalty

I just got back from an 11 hour return trip from Hampton, VA where I witnessed my first Phish concert. Wow….that was an experience! My wife happens to be an avid Phish fan, she’s been to 35 (now 36) Phish concerts dating back to her college years…and when I heard they had come out of retirement for a three day show in Hampton, VA I knew it would be the perfect gift for her.

My exposure to Phish’s music had been very limited…a  few songs my wife played for me…but that’s about it. I knew right away that it wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I could recognize that these guys were talented musicians..and so I was definitely excited to see them live. I also knew that Phish fans were SERIOUS  fans. At the same time, Phish has never garnered much commercial appeal…they never got a song on the charts. What struck me as interesting about that is that even though Phish had never had a single commercial ” hit”, most people, or at least many people KNOW of Phish as a band. Basically, Phish is famous in a lot of ways because of it’s amazing fan base.

While attending this concert at a venue that only seated 13,000 people (they could have sold our 100,000 seat arenas), I experienced a band that was performing not for the money, or to become famous, but for the joy of playing the music they loved, with a group of dedicated fans who loved it as much, if not more, than they did. I don’t think i’ve ever been to a concert where the fans where as appreciative of the band. Phish caters to its fans like few others.

Afterwards I kept thinking about this…how much the fans connected with Phish as a band and how successfull the band had become, because they were true to their music and true to their fans.

My thoughts then shifted to SmashFly and the parallel I saw with our own business strategy and how it seems to resonate with our clients. Since we  spend no money on marketing, prospects either find out about us via word-of-mouth, or from stumbling across our site. And when they finally see what we’ve built and then talk with one of our existing customers …the word spreads a bit further…and the buzz gets a bit louder. This in turn allows us to spend 100% of our energy on one thing…building the best possible product for our loyal customers. We know that if we stay true to helping companies solve their recruitment marketing challenges, we’ll continue to grow a small, but fiercly loyal customer base that will allow us to continue doing what we love.

And if all goes well, in a few years time…even though your company may not use SmashFly or have a need for a sophisticated recruitment marketing solution, you’ll be well aware of the name and the loyal customer base it has.


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