Posted by: Michael Hennessy | March 24, 2009

SmashFly Launches it’s Second Life Office!

We’ve officially launched our SmashFly virtual office in second life! You can visit us in second life here …it will teleport you right to our building. I’ll be in the office monday-friday, so stop in and say hello…we’d love to talk to you about our recruitment marketing solution and show you how you can use it.

So why did we do this? Isn’t second life dead? There’s a few reasons.

1. At SmashFly, we have a remote workforce, and so just like IBM & Cisco use Second Life for meetings and internal conferences, we see some real applicability to hold internal SmashFly meetings at our office. We have the ability to stream media, present powerpoint presentations, have audio AND video support, and in general have yet another place to share this information. Having this hosted in second life offers us huge cost savings.

2. 3-d worlds are cutting edge technology in many ways.  Second Life initially got a tremendous amount of press & buzz…people talking about it being the next 3-d web, etc. As is true of new technology, the buzz was over the top and the reality was that second life wasn’t ready for that. Then came the press bashing …second life being a vast wasteland and useless, etc…not living up to the hype.  The pendulum swung 180 degrees in the other direction. The reality is somewhere in the middle. Second life DOES offer some very compelling experiences and has a lot of potential, but it’s still in the infancy of what 3D worlds/environments can offer. But, we believe they will continue to grow, as social networking and business collides, a 3-d world offers a tremendous amount of potential to both companies and users. We believe that convergence is going to accelerate in the next 2-5 years.

3. We are contantly researching new places for companies to market their jobs. Is second life a good place for you to market your job? Probably not, but just think of second life as another destination, another social networking type of site where people meet and communities are being built. They have over 10 million “registered” users, but at any given time, there are 60,000-80,000 people actively online. The demographic of these people, however,  could be EXACTLY who you are trying to reach. We want to find out the best way for companies to reach those technically savvy people.

In many ways this is a pure R&D exercise for us…3-D worlds are still in the infancy and are definitley not mainstream yet…but we think that is going to change as more companies get involved, technology evolves, and being immersed in a 3-d world is as easy as navigating to your facebook or linked page. It’ll happen.

Check out a couple pictures of our office below and drop in if you have a second life.




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