Posted by: Michael Hennessy | March 25, 2009

Recruitment marketing should inspire action

I came across this blog post by Chris Brogan entitled The Quest to Inspire Action , where he refers to a quote from Thomas Kempis : “The object of education isn’t knowledge, it’s action”

I found the post really interesting…it’s a simple statement, but it does provide a different viewpoint into how companies should be looking at how & why they communicate with customers, prospects and candidates.

As it relates to recruitment marketing, a company should be looking at their messaging in terms of inspiring action, not just knowledge. Your company needs to ask itself , “does our recruitment marketing inspire action from candidates?” Instead of just informing candidates about your job openings, do you have tools that help you inspire candidates? Does your message compell passive candidates to take action and reach out to you?

For most companies, i’d argue the answer is no. It’s easy to test…go search on Indeed or Monster or a site of your choice and search for a job you’d be interested in. Then take a look at what companies put in front of you when you click on their job ad. Is it compelling? Do any of those job descriptions make you want to apply to that company?  Most likely, after clicking on 4 or 5, you’ll quickly lose interest…they all look the same, the same format…a list of requirements and qualifications…INFORMING you of what they are seeking…but hardly inspiring any action to reach out to the company. Then try applying to a job…most likely you’ll spend 20 minutes filling out 15 forms… THAT’S inspiring…that inspires people to just say “forget it!” .

Of course for candidates who are actively searching…they’ll jump through any hoops you put in front of them… they NEED a job! But everyone knows that the perfect candidate for your job probably isn’t looking for a job right now….and if you want to reach THAT candidate, you’re gonna have to do more than throw out a standard job description.

That’s where you need better tools, tools that first help you get your message in front of those passive candidates, and then tools to help you build an inspiring “job presentation” that helps inspires the candidate to take action and reach out to you. Finally, you need the tools that make it EASY when that passive candidate does reach out. These people don’t need your job so if you are lucky enough to catch their attention, don’t force them to fill out 15 forms…because they probably won’t…

What you need is a recruitment marketing platform that does all three of those steps for you. It needs to:

1. Make it easy for you to distribute your job advertisement to candidates where they are on the web.
2. Provide you the tools to easily create compelling job presentations that inspire action.
3. Provide the tools that make it EASY for those passive contacts to reach out to your with their interest.
4.  Automate the entire process.

Our WildFire platform is such a tool….come learn more and start inspiring action with your recruitment marketing.


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